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Годишно приключване

Yearly closing

1.   Preparation of a financial report, including:

- Accounting balance

- Income Statement

- Cash Flow Statement

-Statement of Equity

2. Submission of annual reporting on the activities of enterprises to the National Statistical Institute.

3.   Preparation of annual tax return.

4. Preparation of an Application for the publication of an annual financial statement and an annual activity report according to a model, together with all necessary documents and declarations, submitted to the Commercial Register.

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Абонамент счетоводни услуги

Subscription accounting services

Providing complete accounting services for small, medium and large companies. Accounting services for freelancers.

Accounting of the performed accounting operations, according to the applicable accounting standards

Accounting for fixed tangible and intangible assets. Preparation of depreciation plans

Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports

Preparation of monthly VAT reports-declarations

Inventory reporting

Communication with the National Revenue Agency, Labor Inspection, etc. institutions

Reflection of bank statements, cash documents, control of cash availability

Cost calculation

Preparation of statistical reports


Payroll services

Providing a complete set of documents related to the salary and documents in the work file of a worker

Preparation of employment contracts and their registration in the National Revenue Agency

Preparation of declarations for registration of self-insured persons

Preparation of Accounts Payable and Payslips

Preparation of additional agreements and, if necessary, submission of a notification to the National Revenue Agency

Keeping a register of the presented sick sheets and their submission to the National Social Security Institute

Preparation and submission of declarations Form 1 and Form 6

Preparation of orders for termination of employment relationships and their registration in the National Revenue Agency

Preparation of all necessary official notes and certificates

Preparation of payment orders for the due insurance payments

Регистрация на фирма

Company registration

We can prepare the documents necessary for the registration of your company.

After that, we will explain you the procedure step by step, we will inform you about the fees that have to be paid and we can accompany you to every single instance.

Application for company registration
Necessary documents for company registration
Necessary documents for company registration

Price for the service 100 BGN (51 EURO) if you sign a contract with us for accounting services for a period of 1 year.

Price for the service 150 BGN (77 EURO) if you do not sign a contract with us for accounting services.

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Companies without VAT registration - monthly fee

Цени фирми без ДДС бг и англ.png

VAT  registered companies - monthly fee

Payroll services

Manager of the company - included in the price of the subscription service

20 BGN (10 EURO) per employee - the fee can be different every month according to the number of employees

Other accounting services

Submitting a zero VAT report - 35 BGN .

Preparation of a tax return for an individual person - 25 BGN (13 EURO) up to 2 attachments. If more applications are necessary - BY AGREEMENT.

Preparation of declaration Form 1 or Form 6 for self-insured persons - BGN 10 BGN (5 EURO).

Annual accounting closing without subscription service for up to 60 invoices - BGN 300 / 155 EURO (includes GFO, statistical report and commercial register documents).

Annual accounting closing without subscription service from 60 to 200 invoices - from 300 BGN / 155 EURO    to 1000 BGN / 510 EURO depends on number of invoices and the type of company activity (includes report, annual statistics and commercial register).

Annual accounting closing without subscription service over 200 invoices - BY AGREEMENT (includes report, annual statistics and trade register).

Other accounting cases - BY AGREEMENT.

Prices for company registration

You can see the prices here in the "Company Registration" section.

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